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CMBIOHEALTH - Your Reliable Partner in Biochemical Innovation

CMBIOHEALTH is a dedicated biochemical manufacturer specializing in disinfection and cleaning products for healthcare professionals. As a valued member of the Osong National Bio-Industrial Complex in Korea, we take pride in our strong foundation built over 21 years of experience in the biotechnology sector.

Our mission is to develop a diverse range of exceptional products that cater not only to the needs of healthcare professionals but also to those of the general public. Our research institute is constantly exploring promising biopharmaceutical raw materials to propel the industry forward and promote a healthier world.

At CMBIOHEALTH, we hold a modest yet significant number of patents, showcasing our commitment to research and development. Our focus on innovation enables us to deliver the highest-quality products to our clients, while always striving for continuous improvement.

In collaboration with our affiliate, CMKOREA, a leading manufacturer and distributor of X-ray parts and products, we work together to ensure efficient manufacturing and parts supply. CMKOREA's expertise in manufacturing and its dedication to quality serve as an essential component of our success, allowing us to provide our customers with consistently reliable solutions.

We warmly invite companies from around the world and Korea to join us in our quest to provide unparalleled products and services. By working together, we can shape the future of biotechnology and make a positive impact on countless lives. Explore potential collaboration opportunities with CMBIOHEALTH by visiting our website or contacting our team. 



CM BioHealth CEO /  Oak Sam Park